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Volume 30, Number 3, – Published in August 2016

Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychiatric Rehabilitation
pp. 198-203(6)
Authors: Koch, Lynn C.; Carey, Chandra Donnell; Lusk, Stephanie L.


Can Psychiatric Rehabilitation Be Core to CORE?
pp. 204-214(11)
Authors: Olney, Marjorie F.; Gill, Kenneth J.


Comparing Traditional and Distance Formats of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Course
pp. 215-229(15)
Authors: McCarthy, Thomas P.; Accordino, Michael P.; Wondolowski, Erica L.; Bishop, Laura


Psychiatric Rehabilitation of Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders and Corrections Involvement
pp. 230-242(13)
Authors: Bernacchio, Charles; Burker, Eileen J.


Recovery-Oriented Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals With Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disabilities and Substance Use Disorders
pp. 243-258(16)
Authors: Lusk, Stephanie L.; Koch, Lynn C.; Paul, Teresia M.


Postsecondary Integration and Persistence: A Comparison of Students With Psychiatric Disabilities to Students With Learning Disabilities/Attention Deficit Disorders
pp. 259-275(17)
Authors: Koch, Lynn C.; Mamiseishvili, Ketevan; Wilkins, Melissa J.


Psychometric Properties of the Vocational Rehabilitation Engagement Scale When Used With People With Mental Illness in Clubhouse Settings
pp. 276-285(10)
Authors: Fitzgerald, Sandra; Deiches, Jonathan; Umucu, Emre; Brooks, Jessica; Muller, Veronica; Wu, Jia-Rung; Chan, Fong


Relationships Between World Health Organization International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Constructs and Participation in Adults With Severe Mental Illness
pp. 286-304(19)
Authors: Sánchez, Jennifer; Rosenthal, David A.; Chan, Fong; Brooks, Jessica; Bezyak, Jill L.


Collaborative Documentation in Mental Health: Applications to Rehabilitation Counseling
pp. 305-320(16)
Authors: Sheehan, Lindsay; Lewicki, Todd


Supporting the Health and Wellness of Individuals With Psychiatric Disabilities
pp. 321-333(13)
Authors: Swarbrick, Margaret; Nemec, Patricia B.


The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister’s Memoir of Autism in the Family
pp. 334-336(3)
Author: Longwell, Brianna D.


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