Membership Overview & Eligibility

It is the intent of NCRE to represent rehabilitation educators, trainers, researchers, students, and others primarily concerned with the preparation and maintenance of professional standards for individuals who provide services to persons with disabilities.

Membership shall be limited to those individuals and institutions whose primary identity is rehabilitation and whose functions are consistent with the goals and objectives of NCRE.

The basic requirements for individual membership are that the individual possesses an identity and/or job description primarily of a rehabilitation education, training, or research nature.

To be eligible for membership, you must belong to one of the following groups:

  • Rehabilitation Counselor Educators – Individuals with the primary responsibility of training rehabilitation counselors at the master’s and/or doctoral level.
  • Rehabilitation Services Educators – Individuals training students at the undergraduate level.
  • Rehabilitation Continuing Educators – Rehabilitation educators providing continuing education services to rehabilitation personnel in state vocational rehabilitation agencies, rehabilitation facilities serving persons experiencing a disability, and related allied rehabilitation programs.
  • Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation Facility Educators – Educators training evaluators to assess vocational potential of persons experiencing a disability and to provide services within rehabilitation settings to better enable persons experiencing disabilities to adjust to work.
  • Facility Administration Educators – Educators who provide skills and knowledge necessary to better administer programs to persons experiencing disability.
  • Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers and Rehabilitation Research Institute Personnel – Personnel whose goals and interests are consistent with NCRE.
  • Other Educators, Researchers, and Administrators in the Field of Rehabilitation – Individuals whose aims are consistent with those of NCRE.
  • Students Enrolled at an Institution or in a Research Program – Individuals whose career goal is to provide rehabilitation or vocational services, rehabilitation counseling, research and/or education.

Membership is now Open!

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