The National Council on Rehabilitation Education Overview

The National Council on Rehabilitation Education (NCRE) is the premier professional organization of educators dedicated to quality services for persons with disabilities through education and research. NCRE advocates up-to-date education and training and the maintenance of professional standards in the field of rehabilitation.

NCRE was formed in 1955 and has evolved into the leading professional association for rehabilitation educators in the 21st Century. Our organization represents institutions of higher education. Membership is diverse and is composed of Institutional Rehabilitation Academic Programs, Professional Educators, Rehabilitation Counselors, Trainers, Researchers, Rehabilitation Students, and other professionals primarily concerned with the preparation and maintenance of professional standards for individual who provide service to persons who are disabled.

What Makes NCRE Unique?

NCRE offers two national conferences annually, and is the only national organization representing rehabilitation education and research providing a forum where unified positions can be stated on issues involving training priorities, federal funding, and research activities in our field. Administrators and practitioners from both private and public service agencies are also members of NCRE. Elected representatives from the Regions of the United States meet twice each year during the Fall and Spring conferences to deliberate and discuss matters affecting training programs and services to persons with disabilities.