The National Council on Rehabilitation Education Councils

Contact each council chairperson to learn more about you can get involved with NCRE.

Council on Distance Education

Chair: Dr. Jewel L. Jones University of Maine Farmington

Co-Chair: Dr. Matthew E Sprong Northern Illinois University

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Council on Psychosocial Adaptation Research

Chair: Dr. Malachy Bishop University of Kentucky

Co-Chair: Dr. Denise Catalano University of North Texas

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Council on Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Chair: Dr. Gina Oswald Wright State University

Co-Chair: Dr Joseph Pete Alabama State University

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Council on Diversity and Equity

Chair: Dr. Brenda Cartwright 
Winston Salem State University

Co-Chair: Dr. James Stewart Coppin State University

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Council on Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Chair: Dr. Stephanie Lisanne Lusk University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

Co-Chair: Dr. Jennifer Sánchez The University of Iowa

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