Council on Diversity and Equity

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council on Diversity and Equity (CODE) is to provide a forum for members of NCRE to increase partnerships with professionals and practitioners across disciplines that: (a) promote equity and excellence in the service delivery to common constituents in the rehabilitation community, and (b) ensure that the policies and practices within NCRE are culturally responsive. The Council endorses the principle of inclusion in its definition of cultural diversity to include race/ ethnicity, color, national origin, age, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, marital status/partnership, religion/spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, language preference, or any basis proscribed by law. The Council anticipates that the spirit of diversity will be incorporated in all NCRE conferences and activities. Council members are ready, willing, and able to assist the leadership to ensure that diversity is embraced and will incorporate the following strategies to accomplish this task:

  1. Increase opportunities for mentorship, participation and leadership in NCRE among members from culturally diverse backgrounds by designing conference strands/workshops and poster sessions that feature research and best practices in culturally diverse rehabilitation settings.
  2. Publish manuscripts focused on diversity issues in rehabilitation in journals that are readily accessible in a variety of rehabilitation settings, including rehabilitation education and training programs.

Organizational Structure

The CODE includes two co-chairs, whose function is to facilitate the interaction with the NCRE Governing Board. They also maintain a record of all projects and activities.

Council Chair

Dr. James Stewart

Coppin State University

Council Co-Chair

Dr. Suneetha B. Manyam

Mercer University