Council on Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Mission Statement

The Council on Psychiatric Rehabilitation has been formed to serve as a viable subgroup of rehabilitation education with specific as well as diverse concerns (i.e., employment, treatment, and recovery) related to psychiatric rehabilitation, issues that are not adequately or typically addressed in the general physical rehabilitation focus.

Organizational Structure

There are two co-chairs, whose function is to facilitate the interaction with the NCRE Governing Board. They will also maintain a record of the various projects that are occurring within the group, circulate minutes from meetings, and maintain a membership contact information list. Co-chairs will serve two-year terms, beginning in February, and ending in January two years later. This is intended to coincide with the NCRE conference schedule. The two-year terms that the Co-chairs serve will be staggered, so that one Co-chair is replaced each year. This is to provide change in the leadership, but also maintain continuity. Co-chairs may not be from the same institution. At the end of each cycle, the co-chairs will be responsible to solicit volunteers from the group to fill the role of co-chair.

Current Activities

  1. Brainstorming and identifying research priorities relevant to the delivery of psychiatric rehabilitation learning opportunities.
  2. Developing organized research strand workgroups.
  3. Writing and publishing articles appropriate for such outlets as the Journal of Rehabilitation Education, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, etc.
  4. Curriculum content, including collecting and updating Psychiatric Rehabilitation Course Syllabi and related materials to share with members, as well as with the Rehabilitation Clearinghouse.
  5. Exploring potential for creating standards for psychiatric rehabilitation training in partnership with the Consortium of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Educators (CPRE).

Council Chair

Dr. Stephanie Lisanne Lusk University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

Council Co-Chair

Dr. Jennifer Sánchez The University of Iowa