Southern University and A & M College – Research Associate

Position Title: Research Associate

Institution: Southern University and A & M College

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Posted Date: Friday, September 8, 2017

Application Due Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Position Description

Type: Full Time

Job Description

The Department of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (DRDS) at Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be hiring a Research Associate for the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center – Targeted Communities, a $2.5 million per year, multi-site, multi-partner national project providing intensive, on-site technical assistance (TA) to State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies and local partners to help economically disadvantaged individuals in economically disadvantaged communities overcome systemic barriers to VR participation and employment outcomes. This project award is through September 2020.

Under the general supervision of the project director (PD) and principal investigator (PI), and direct supervision of other senior level project staff (i.e. Project Manager), the research associate will work with the Southern University VRTAC-TC project to interact and coordinate activities with six additional partner institutions. The overall project consists of six (6) institutions of higher education (IHEs) and one (1) national organization.

The prospective candidate will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of economically disadvantaged groups in executing goals, objectives and strategies to improve employment and quality of life outcomes for persons with disabilities.

Duties include, but are not limited to:
• Communicate research findings and best practices to project partners and other vocational rehabilitation related entities.

• Work collaboratively with program manager (PM) in carrying out project tasks such as providing assistance with composing correspondence and developing standard forms for data collection and/or surveys.

• Conduct literature searches for curriculum, develop training module, and prepare PowerPoint presentations.

• Serve as the project liaison in working with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS), New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NMDVR), and their partners.

• Be familiar with RSA 911 data and SPSS.

Field work will include assisting PI and PD with assessments; collecting and entering data; providing general research support; visiting TC sites as needed; collaborating with consultants and content experts; and assisting in report preparation. He/she will also coordinate input and tracking of survey data.

Minimum Qualifications

• Master’s degree in rehabilitation
• Two (2) years of experience working with people with disabilities
• Ability to work independently to collect and report data
• Familiarity with HIV/AIDs and mental health conditions (i.e. anxiety, depression, etc.)
• Familiarity with SPSS and Survey Monkey
• Good oral and written communication skills
• Ability to work with diverse groups from low socioeconomic background
• Ability to maintain confidentiality

• Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
• Ability to work with RSA 911 data

TRAVEL: Local and in-state travel will be the norm. Some overnight travel, 2-5 days is required.

$36,000 to $40,000, Annually. Salary is commensurate with qualification and experience.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, your resume, and three (3) letters of reference (professional) via email to OR by mail to:

Dr. Madan Kundu, Professor and Chair
Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
Southern University and A & M College
Room 230, Blanks Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70813

This position needs to be filled immediately. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. For consideration, applications should be submitted no later than September 25, 2017.

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